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Her father from Cairo, Egypt and mother from Montreal, Canada, Haley, by default, finds interest in the intersectionality of cultures and more specifically, the various ways humans communicate, verbal or non verbal. Her and her family moved to Hong Kong just months after she was born. Most of their time was spent traveling the surrounding countries in Asia, as they knew they would not be living there forever.  Just shy of a decade, due to her father's job, they moved to the US. Rochester, New York. This is where Haley began to understand the variety of "normals" that exist and started to explore the visual arts and movement practices.

Haley's higher education started at the Academy of Arts University, where she earned a degree in New Media & Graphic Design. After a few years in the industry, she took some time to travel, which led to a six month yoga teacher training program.


Following her return, Haley enrolled at Nazareth College, continuing her education in Visual Communication and Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Conflict Resolution and Interfaith Dialogue. There she taught yoga to the students and staff, along with being chosen as a Research Assistant to the Chair of International Studies. This brought her to Southern India on an ethnographic research project studying the evolution of spirituality in women.

By infusing the principles of visual communication and design into the analysis of culture, she was able to translate their field work insights through visual means, such as diagrams, photography, film and illustration. In the future these processes ended up lending themselves directly to strategic creative direction and advertising. 

Since she has spent 10 years in the industry, primarily focused on campaign development and keynote events. She is c
urrently working as a Senior Art Director for a creative agency based in New York.

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BA Graphic Design

Academy of Art University of San Francisco

BS Visual Communication & Cultural Anthropology Major

Interfaith Dialogue Minor

Nazareth College


Tel: +1 585-298-0196


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